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TMH Design is frequently asked questions regarding the development of an effective web presence.  Listed below are some of the more common ones asked.  If you have a question and do not see it listed, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer it.

  Why TMH Design TMH Design is a Microsoft Registered Web Presence Developer.  With the ability to use FrontPage, your web site will be completed in a fashion which will make it easy for you or your staff to maintain after its completion.  This might include adding pictures, changing text, or adding pages.  Some of the most important aspects of web design are taken into consideration when we begin a project.  These include general appearance, site navigation, and download efficiency. 
  How much will my web site cost Perhaps the most common question, this is often the most difficult to answer.  This is why a thorough consultation and strategic plan are so critical in the successful completion of a project.  Two of the greatest cost influences on a project are those of custom graphic development and programming.  TMH Design is extremely conscientious of a client's budget and will provide an estimate prior to beginning any project.  If a budget is limited, TMH Design will work with you to help develop a site which is cost effective, yet visually pleasing and fully functional. 
  What is a domain name Once you decide to develop a web site for yourself or business, you will need a domain name.  Your name can be up to 18 letters in length and be followed by any one of several suffixes, such as .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info.  A domain generally cost less than $50.00 per year, and once purchased, exclusively belongs to you.  To inquire about the availability of a domain name or purchase one, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
  How will people find my siteOne of the mistakes businesses and people will often make is the thought that once complete, their web site will create a windfall of business and or interest from the World Wide Web.  These may be the case, but only after careful design considerations have been addressed and various marketing venues have been utilized.  Once complete, TMH Design will submit your web site to every major search engine and in addition, show you other options available to maximize your web sites exposure.
  Can I have a personal email addressYes, you can have your own email address.  But only after the purchase of a domain name.  Depending on where you site is hosted, you may have one or perhaps several personal email addresses. 
  What is "hosting" Once complete, your web site will be presented to you on a CD-Rom or other storage device.  You will then need to upload your web site on a computer whose sole purpose is to "house" web sites.  This computer, known as a server, can be thought of as an apartment building for web sites.  You sign a lease, for as little as one month, or for as long as several years.  Generally, there is a nominal set-up fee of less than $100.00 and then you can expect a monthly fee ranging from about $20.00 upwards to $100.00 per month.  If you so choose, you may relocate you web site at any time.  TMH Design is fully capable of assisting you with any hosting arrangements you may need. 
  Who will maintain my site after completionWhen TMH Design develops a web site, we do so with the intent of making it as easy to maintain for our clients as possible.  Using Microsoft FrontPage, you will be able to easily open any page in the site and make changes to text, or even replace or insert images. 
  What is needed to get started To get started, you should have a clear visualization of what it is you wish to accomplish with your web site. Also, any graphics or logos you wish to utilize in the development of the site should be provided at this time. 
  How long will it takeMany variables can affect the length of a project.  When undertaken, TMH Design will provide you with a timeline of the project.  This timeline will define key stages of the web sites development and ensure as speedy a completion as possible. 

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